What’s On My Desk? (2017 edition)

*see last year’s what’s on my desk post*

I always like changing things around. Furniture, hair, makeup. I’m a pretty consistent person but I like to make changes here and there. This August, I decided to completely recreate my desk area.

See, my furniture in my bedroom has moved a bit in the past year. Last year, it was this way:

This April I moved it here, and I really like this placement and still do:

And then a few months ago I moved it this way:


I had liked where my bed was, but I didn’t like the desk placement. I find it really restful for my eyes to have a window right in front of them. So I moved the desk to here.


Window: great. Bed placement: helpful for flat lays because it’s right next to a window that lets in the most light. Aestheticness of desk? Not so great. It’s a little cluttered, the color and style don’t really go with my room, and it just needs some improvement.

Enter this:


This beautiful desk (which took a month to get here on 2-day shipping to two different addresses) is well worth the drama and wait. I wanted to go with a minimalistic space because I feel like clutter is very unmotivating and uninspiring. I tied in the bit of the retro aspect with my typewriter and record player, stored all my notebooks and binders in bins I got at TJMaxx, and lit the whole space with a new lamp. Revamped my floating shelves to also color coordinate and be minimalistic, and I have to say: I love my new study space!

DSC_8713 DSC_8716 DSC_8721 DSC_8741

Oh, and I finally found my dream pair of Mary Jane pumps. I found them on DSW and ordered a whole bunch of different ones and these were the ones that fit, and they’re so super cute, and so very vintage…

DSC_8763 DSC_8780 DSC_8798

//do you ever get the itch to move furniture around?//

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