My Vintage Inspiration: Interior Decor


Recently, I’ve really loved retro house styles. I guess it’s not a surprise because I love everything else retro as well! I love the shape and roundness of mid-century style, but unlike my grandmother’s mid-century style, which is earthy colors, I prefer bright, cheery colors and pastels. I’ve gathered together some images that I really love.

This below is one of the first pictures I saw showing an example of retro styling and I fell. in. love. I love the white, the bright colors, and all the small details (anyone notice that there’s a Betty Crocker cookbook on the counter?).


This kitchen is a bit too pink and a bit too pastel for me (I can see it in a bakery or an at-home cake making business) but again, it’s very retro! I love the shape of the fridge, the bar stools, and again, details: there’s a Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster on the fridge!


I love the color of these appliances!

41285c9bab1dc09318f9a85ac6487f94This kitchen is an attempt at retro styling, and there are elements that I like: the fridge (I have a slight fridge obsession!), the display shelving, and the breadbox. However, the countertop and the light above the sink certainly do not go with the style! Neither do the knobs on the cupboards. I would do open, floating shelves and would go for white countertops, and I would replace the knobs on the drawers.


This is NOT retro styling, in fact, it’s rather modern, but I love the idea of a patterned backsplash!


I also like elements of this kitchen as well. This style is more french/cottage/country but I like the organic vibe that it has. (Also, the shape of the fridge…)


As you can see, I’m kind of obsessed with kitchens…the kitchen is the most important room in the house, you know! ButI have a few bedrooms on the list…

I adore this bedroom. I’m not sure exactly why. For one, it’s pastel. 2, there’s blue in there, and I’m drawn to blue. 3: I love the coordinating movie poster on the wall. I really love that idea and think it would be great in a hallway! (Also, check out that flooring!)


Pastels again. I love how this desk area gives a lived-in, messy look that totally coordinates. Plus, those mid-century lines of the desk and chair are so lovely!


I think this vanity table area would be perfect for a retro preteen girl’s bedroom – although I could definitely see it in my own room! The softness of the pastels gives for such a dreamy vibe.


I also really like the shelving here next to a desk. The hexagon frame is a little different, and all the pastels coordinate so well.


What do you think of retro-vintage interior decor?

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