Sweet Sixteen: At Home Celebrations

New York was my big birthday present and celebration this year. But my family a few more things in store for me once I actually turned 16, as we went to NYC a month before my birthday!


On my birthday, I received my present from Muttie and Aunt Kat. Several months prior, I had been at Marshall’s and seen the most lovely plates + cups set that would be just perfect for teas or breakfasts. They were in my favorite color, and just my style…so of course I made a big fuss of them and pined over how I couldn’t afford them, and you know, the whole rigamarole. I didn’t expect them to be for my birthday, because it wasn’t even close to August! So I was very pleasantly surprised to open my gift and see them!

DSC_8448 DSC_8453

My dad also took me out to an Asain place for lunch on my birthday. It’s a tradition that we always do. I forgot to take pictures with my phone, but I had Thai tea (one of my favorite beverages besides bubble tea), pad Thai, and spring rolls.

Then a couple days after my birthday, my aunt and I made doughnuts! I’d asked for doughnuts for my birthday, and it’s starting to become a tradition now!

DSC_8479 DSC_8497 DSC_8499 DSC_8507 DSC_8530


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