Alice in Wonderland Themed Mother’s Day (+ Big News!)

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This year, my mom decided to do an Alice in Wonderland themed Mother’s day luncheon. My mom, of course, was the Queen of Hearts, my aunt and cousin Lyric flowers, and little Meadow was Alice. I suggested I take on the role of the boring older sister who read books without pictures. đŸ˜‰ The luncheon menu, as you can see from one of the above pictures, had themed food, and the table was spread with Alice in Wonderland decorations and such. My aunt created a photo booth backdrop and we even had little props and things for taking Alice in Wonderland pictures! We had such a delightful day on Sunday with all the family.

Okay, so guess what the big news is? My new photography business, Aria Photo, is successfully launched! You can go check it out here!

//What did y’all do for Mother’s day?//

singing off,


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