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Last Sunday, I grabbed my cousin Lyric for a little while to take pictures because I needed to conquer one of my photography fears – the sun. See, I hate what the sun can do to photos. I hate hot-spots and bright backgrounds with dark subjects, and I hate harsh shadows…and because of that, it turned to a sun-phobia. (at least, when it comes to photography.) But I realized 2 things: that 1) You can’t really have a photography business and avoid the sun at all times, and 2) Most photographer’s I’ve seen have been able to shoot in full sun and have it look great. So why couldn’t I? Was it just a mental phobia? Or did I just need practice?

I settled that Sunday.

I just needed practice. I took Lyric and we went around the property. I sat her with her back to the sun and told her to pick flowers while I shot. And you know what? I’m happy with the outcome. With more practice, I think I’ll be able to confidently shoot in the sun and while I haven’t figured out how to get rid of hot spots, it’s not worrying me as much as it used to.

On another note, spring is in full blast here, and I’m excited for summer. :) We just extended the High Tunnel (small greenhouse) to plant tomatoes in, and we have several different vegetables already planted. (Cabbage, broccoli, potatoes – I planted ALL of our potatoes, sugar snap peas, and more.) Tomorrow my family and I are off on a trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, so I’ll have plenty of pictures to share next week!

Until then,


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