My Favorite Outfits from 1930’s Movies


I absolutely love vintage fashion. If it was inexpensive and easy enough, I would wear clothes from the ‘30s to the ‘60s all the time. A lot of my love for vintage fashion comes from the movies I watch, and today I’m going to share some of my favorite outfits from 1930s movies.

(Most of these pictures are screenshots I took myself, so they aren’t the best quality.)

Beginning with 1931, I have “Miss Crabtree” from the short film, School’s Out. I used to watch the Little Rascals all the time when I was little, so it seems most appropriate to start here!

June Marlowe’s dress is definitely flapper style, but as she is a schoolteacher in this movie, it’s a lot more conservative than most flapper dresses, and the style is going out. However, she still has the Marcel wave in her hair, and I love the headband she wears when she’s driving! I love how fluttery and lightweight this dress is – it would be perfect for summer!


Screenshot (36) Screenshot (37)

Myrna Loy’s suit in The Thin Man (1934) is simply to die for! I love how the plaid skirt matches the beret and the bow!

myrna-loy-thin-man The Thin Man Nora Charles Myrna Loy Fashion Plate 13d078565ccbf2f4ff6d91313a163731

Fast forward two years and we have Swing Time, 1936. The much more conservative, midi-length dresses of the 30’s were definitely in fashion now in this Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. I love Ginger’s dress in their first dance of the movie. All of her dresses were made to look beautiful when she danced, and this was certainly no exception!

fred-astaire-and-ginger-rogers-swing-time-1936 tumblr_m7on40DqkA1qiz3j8o1_500

I also love this dress in one of their other dances. Just look at those sleeves and the buttons!

Swing-Time-1936 Swing02a tumblr_obs5aa7CNX1qazanuo1_500

In 1936, the next Fred and Ginger movie came out: Follow the Fleet. Surprisingly, my favorite dress from this movie isn’t one of Ginger’s – it’s actually worn by Harriet Hilliard, the girl who plays Ginger’s sister. I absolutely love the cut, the sparkles, the flowers, and just about everything else on this dress. (By the way, the blonde next to Harriet happens to be a very young Lucille Ball!)


Next comes Shall We Dance, another Fred and Ginger movie from 1937.  I love the shape of this dress. Not so crazy about the pattern, but the design is beautiful!

Shall-We-Dance16 tumblr_maxoe0aJ3L1qiz3j8o1_500

Then in 1938, some of my favorite serial movies came to screen. We’ll start with Nancy Drew. Just eight years after the detective stories were printed, four movies starring Bonita Granville came out (though not in the same year). All of her outfits are adorable, but here are some of my favorites.

This top is so adorable with its cape in the back and I love how it is cut in the front.

Screenshot (65) Screenshot (64)

I absolutely adore this outfit…

Screenshot (68) Screenshot (66) Screenshot (67)

This shrug is so cute with the puffed sleeves!

Screenshot (70)

And last but not least…her sailor dress is SOOO CUTE.

Screenshot (74)

The next serial that was started in 1938 was Blondie. Kind of like I Love Lucy, only Dagwood is the comical one. Blondie was the perfect and charming housewife equipped with adorable blouses, frilly aprons and, you guessed it – high heels. Can you just see a modern housewife vacuuming and cooking in that getup? Hahaha. Practical it may be not, but her outfits are what really started me into vintage fashion.
I love her evening dresses.

Screenshot (39) Screenshot (49)

And her every-day dresses…

Screenshot (44) Screenshot (45) Screenshot (51) Screenshot (53)

This is one of my favorite around-the-house outfits of hers. I love how the skirt and the trimming on the blouse and apron matches!

Screenshot (50)

Her blazers and capes…

Screenshot (43) Screenshot (48) Screenshot (75)

And her school outfit (what she wore on the first day to college)

Screenshot (59)

This was also in the Blondie movies in a swing-dancing competition. I absolutely love the jumper and the funny thing is, I found a pattern for it that looks just like it! (Side note: LOVE THE BOWS ON THE SHOES.)

Screenshot (42)

And that rounds up the 30’s! What are some of your favorite outfits? Should I do the 40’s?

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