St. Augustine Photo Dump // Day 4


Hello hello! My dad had to work more once we got into the week, so Wednesday and Thursday were morning excursions. This day we went to an archeological park.

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Today we went over to the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. It was very scenic and pretty – they had peacocks! There were several different interesting exhibits – they excavated an Indian burial site, had the fountain of youth (not the real one, but it was in the same place from the same spring and had a bunch of half-dressed Indians around it – no not real ones, thank goodness – and no I did not take pictures)! We climbed the watch tower to look at the marshlands and stuff. It wasn’t the most interesting place, but I still enjoyed it. Afterwards, we came back and had cheeseboard with a gouda tasting for lunch. (Dutch Gouda = my favorite cheese EVER.) Then we watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. IT WAS SO GOOD! Junior was bored, but I enjoyed it tremendously. After that, we took a drive over to Anastasia Island for an hour. Then we came home, ate dinner, and watched My Three Sons.

AND THAT WAS THE FOURTH DAY.  Those peacocks were so pretty!

singing off,


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